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When considering the many alternatives for home heating, propane remains a viable option for many Canadians. The heating efficiency, low environmental footprint and cost effectiveness of propane makes it an easy choice for both commercial and residential customers.

Propane is abundant and affordable in Canada as a result of our production capacity as well as the safe and appropriate infrastructure currently established for its import and storage. Our supply remains stable.

Propane is one of the most environmentally friendly of the fossil fuels. It is stored as a liquid under pressure but leaves the storage container as a vapour which is the source of fuel for any of your propane using appliances. The vapour state allows for a clean and instant dissipation into the atmosphere in the unlikely event of a leak. Propane vapour mixed adequately with oxygen creates it’s combustible nature and the burn off of propane gas emits virtually no soot, very low levels of carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, or other nitrogen oxides. These facts make propane rival the cleanest available fuels in an age of growing environmental concern.

When considering propane, some people have concerns regarding compromised safety. Rest assured that propane is a safe fuel! The storage containers, appliances we use, and the transport of the fuel itself are all under a variety of strict safety regulations. Before any product is released for public consumption, it has been tested thoroughly and is given a CSA (Canadian Standards Association) stamp of approval. Propane storage containers are composed of high-grade steel and are equipped with pressure relief valves as well as volume gauges, making them 20 times stronger and less likely to puncture than conventional gasoline containers. Tanks are thoroughly tested during, as well as after the manufacturing stage, and after every 10 years of service life. Any of the handling, appliance installation and fuelling are also only completed by certified gas technicians, ensuring you are getting the safest and most appropriate products in your home or business.

For additional information on why propane could be the most appropriate choice for you and your family, we invite you to visit for further information on the benefits, environmental impact, safety, and applications of using propane gas in Canada.

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Does a direct vent fireplace or stove need to be on an outside wall?

No! Direct vent units can be most easily vented on an outside wall, although various other methods are available to suit different settings. It is best to inquire with a professional fireplace dealer or installer to see how a gas unit will best fit into your home.