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Canvas Log Carrier (x3)

3 Napoleon heavy canvas firewood carriers! Great for carrying multiple 18" logs or also handy for bringing kindling from the woodpile to the living room all in a neat and clean package!

3 Currently in stock!

Individual retail value of $30
Price: $15 Each (+15%HST)
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Vermont Castings Smoker Cabinet

Brand new Vermont Castings stainless steel cabinet smoker! Equipped with cast iron smoker chip box, all stainless interior grates and exterior cabinet, thermometer, water/marinade steam tray, and cover! All comes pre-assembled out of the showroom, never been used.

Perfect for slow roasting virtually any type of meat and smoking to your own preference. Works great for homemade blends of beef jerky!

Quick setup; just hook to a portable propane bottle and use the electric starter and you're well on your way to perfectly roasted recipies.

Retail value of $700 (LAST UNIT AVAILABLE)
Price: $580 (+15%HST)
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Primo Quicklights (x4)

4 boxes of 24 Primo brand quick lights. An easy way to light a charcoal BBQ, campfire, stove, etc!

Will light easily under kindling or wood without the use of paper! Even in the rain or wind.

Retail value of $45 (SOLD AS GROUP OF 4 BOXES ONLY)
Price: $20 (+15%HST)
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Primo Jr. Charcoal Grill

Brand new Primo Jr. ceramic charcoal smoker grill! Unit comes complete with add-ons of: cast iron stand (with wheels), side shelves, assorted interior grates, and 20lb bag of charcoal to get you started this Summer!

Leftover stock and ready to find a new patio to sit on for years to come!

With all those add-ons, its a $1410 value! (UNIT SOLD COMPLETE ONLY)
Price: $1100 (+15%HST)
Special / Clearance item image

Jotul F50 Rangeley (HUGE HEATER)

Jotul F50 being sold off as leftover stock. Brand new cast iron stove with top and front load capability and powerful home heating up to 2,500sqft!

All black with brushed nickel top door as photo shows. Will accept 20in. log and allows for convenient front-to-back wood load.

Great burn efficiency and high quality construction with this unit will keep you warm for many years to come!

Only 1 available, leftover stock!
Retail $3900 (+15%HST)
Price: $2900 (+15%HST)
West Nova Propane

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What does it mean when brochures and websites refer to BTU’s?

BTU’s or British Thermal Units are a standard measurement which represents the heat value of any type of energy used to create heat. BTU values of any type of energy are determined by the actual amount of heat that is required to increase the temperature of one pound of water, by one degree Fahrenheit. In other words, the higher the BTU rating on a fireplace, the more heat you can expect to receive from it. A standard size fireplace is generally rater