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Obtaining long term value from your investment in a quality product depends on being able to access parts and service should a repair or part replacement be required. Our philosophy has always been to identify and choose our suppliers based on their ability to provide a long term supply chain of parts and accessories. We often hear from people looking for replacement parts who purchased a product at a major retailer or "big box" discounter only to be told that "we don't carry that line anymore" or "we can't get parts for those". We try our very best to support what we sell because we are also consumers and understand the importance this represents to ensuring long term customer satisfaction.

Traditional Hearth & Fireplace can provide parts and accessories for the following manufacturers. However, if you own a different brand fueled by either wood or propane gas, be sure to contact us and we would be glad to look into the availability of parts for your model.

If you are looking for parts for any unit, be sure to check the ratings plate on the unit to obtain crucial information such as:

  • Make (Manufacturer / Brand)
  • Model
  • Serial number

If you have an issue locating the ratings plate, be sure to ask for assistance from your hearth professional. By obtaining this information for us, we will do our best to locate the parts or accessories you require.

We carry a selection of hearth related accessories including ember and thermal protective hearth pads, wood holders, tool sets, and other wood and gas related additives. Our selection is frequently changing based on availability and therefore we keep a very limited variety of these products physically on the showroom floor. It is best to reach out and contact our office to check on availability of hearth related accessories.

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Ask the Experts

What is the difference between a Direct Vent and a B-Vent option for gas fireplaces and stoves?

With a direct vent, the air required to burn the unit is pulled through a termination located outside the home and into a sealed firebox and sends flue gases back out of the home through the inside portion of the vent. B-vent takes air from within the home and gravity vents the flue product back up and out of the pipe to the outside. B-vent is only available on certain units and is only appropriate in certain settings, be sure to ask your fireplace professional which is right for your home.