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As our name might suggest we believe in doing business the traditional way. While we do not shy away from the benefits of technology and modern communications in the running of our business, it has been our experience that talking to people is often the simplest and best approach.

By actually taking the time to talk to our customers we learn a great deal of helpful information. We find out the things that really matter to you and what you are trying to accomplish. Many times people come to us with an idea of what they think they need only to find out through careful consultation and consideration that the best solution may be something slightly or even entirely different. Experience, in-depth knowledge, and an honest desire to find out exactly what the right solution is for any given person and situation is what has allowed our business to grow and prosper.

Traditional Hearth & Fireplace is a company of specialists dedicated to satisfying the needs of our residential and commercial clients here on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. Our team is highly trained and fully certified to install and service the product lines we have chosen to represent. Quality and dependable products that we know will help us maintain our good reputation in the marketplace.

If you are considering a gas/propane, wood, or electric heating product or gas/propane appliance we would welcome the opportunity to earn your business. We operate the largest “live” showroom on the South Shore where you can see many examples of stoves and fireplace inserts and learn from professionals the things you need to know in order to make a wise investment.

We look forward to talking with you.

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What does it mean when brochures and websites refer to BTU’s?

BTU’s or British Thermal Units are a standard measurement which represents the heat value of any type of energy used to create heat. BTU values of any type of energy are determined by the actual amount of heat that is required to increase the temperature of one pound of water, by one degree Fahrenheit. In other words, the higher the BTU rating on a fireplace, the more heat you can expect to receive from it. A standard size fireplace is generally rater